You'll see a green marker on your in-game map as you approach it.

Maintenance keycard sons of the forest not working

You will need a shovel to access the bunker; when you arrive at the point of interest, you will see some tripods next to a patch of dirt. modern family season 10 episode 17You need a Maintenance keycard to enter it. miami breast conference 2024

Before you can work on beating the game you’ll need to obtain the following items: Rebreather, Rope Gun, Shovel, Maintenance Keycard and Golden Armour. . (Image credit: Endnight Games) Assuming you have the shovel and are ready to go, these are the three Sons of the Forest keycards and the order to get them. Katana and putter (Maintenance keycard needed) I've got all Sons of.

On that same table is a laptop that you can select to give you the location of the Food Bunker on your GPS tracker (2).

Hold E to enter the hatch and go down the ladder.



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. . Hey y’all, finally made it to the bunker with the katana and golden armour. This keycard is a crucial part of the main storyline, as it is used to open.

Obtaining. apparently you need both the maintenance and the guest keycard Have you seen this work? Is this confirmed? It worked for me. You will.

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Salt_Bath_2468 • 5 min. Follow the cave tunnel.

. Once you get through a few hydroponics rooms, you should spot a door on your left as you begin to.

Sons of the Forest is a 2023 entry in the increasingly-crowded survival game genre, and a sequel to The Forest.

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I got the keycard like an hour ago and i cant get inside.

Luckily for you, there is a Maintenance Keycard in the early game, which you. Sons Of One VIP Keycard Location. This is where you want to dig to reveal the hatch. Katana and putter (Maintenance keycard needed) I've got all Sons of.

There are two other keycards: VIP Keycard and Guest Keycard. What you need to do to find Maintenance Keycard In Sons Of The Forest. . The location where you will find it is very close to the.


Best Way To Progress The Sons of The Forest Story¶ Unfortunately, the game is very short, but the content that is available is definitely a fun experience with friends. Before you can go retrieve the keycard, you’re going to need the shovel, which requires you to find the rebreather and the Rope Gun. Sons of the Forest.

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The item you are looking for is on the table in the bar upstairs.

The keycards tell a lot of the island's story, and getting to all of them is hard work, but it is well worth it for those who wish to unlock the forest's secrets and equip themselves with the best. <span class=" fc-falcon">Where to Find the Maintenance Keycard. .

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I have the maintenance keycard but it isn't opening the katana bunker.

You can find this location marked on your map with a green marker. On the other desk next to the 3D printer, you can also grab the laser sight attachment for your pistol and shotgun (1). 0. <span class=" fc-smoke">Apr 18, 2023 · 9.